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Anđelka Nikolina Eriksson (née Živković)
(Serbian: Анђелка Николина Ерикссон)
Biographical information

2nd February 1956, Vršac, South Banat, Vojvodina, Serbia

Marital Status

Married (only marriage, 1984-1986; 2 years, until death)

Blood Status


B.A.P. Rank



25 (at the end of the first wizarding war)


10th January 1986; Fila Dhahabia, Abydos, El-Balyana, Sohag Governorate, Egypt (Zahf'laenatan/لعنةزحف outbreak, aged 29)

  • Anđii/Анђии (stage name)
  • Anđi (nickname)
  • El (by Anton)
  • Đelle (by Anton)
  • Baby (by Anton)
  • Darling (by Anton)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color

Dark brown

Skin color

Light brown

Family information
Family members
  • Anton Eriksson (husband)
  • Magnus Eriksson (step-son)
  • Jesper Eriksson (step-son)
  • Eira Eriksson (step-daughter)
  • Gabriel Eriksson (son)
  • Ivo Živković (brother)
  • Astarte Živković (sister-in-law)
  • Dagon Živković (nephew)
  • Neda Živković (niece)
  • Anđelko Živković (nephew)
  • Miša Antonov (née Živković) (sister)
  • Isidor Antonov (brother-in-law)
  • Misha Antonov (nephew)
  • Nevenka Živković (née Pavlović) (mother)
  • Božidar Živković (father)
Magical characteristics

Purple leaf blue (registered)

Wand Cherry, 16⅜, Cinnamologus feather,
It's dusted with gold, with gentle beading on the handle in green, turquoise, gold and black beads in a delicate pattern, each end of the beaded pattern has a green and white friendship bracelet-like weaving in thread tied off with a slight tassel, each 'bracelet' is bordered in tiny gold beads. A cinnamologus feather is tied to the end with a string bearing a fair sized green stained-glass bead, with two smaller gold beads on either side. The wand smells of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla, and works fairly well for anyone who wants to use it, being as friendly as its owner. (kept by Anton)

Purple leaf blue


Frigg Hus


Professional Wizard Pop Singer


Anđelka "Anđi" Nikolina Eriksson (née Živković), R.C. (Maka), (Serbian: Анђелка Николина Ерикссон/Живковић) (2nd February 1956 - 10th January 1986) was a Serbian pure-blood witch, the middle child of Nevenka and Božidar Živković. She was the second wife of Anton Eriksson, with whom she only had the chance to have one child, Gabriel, but had three step children she treated as if her own as best she could: Magnus, Jesper and Eira. She had two siblings Ivo and Miša, both of whom outlived her. She was a popular pop singer in the wizarding world for the Swedish record company Skogsrå Records.

She attended Durmstrang Institute between the years 1956 to 1974 and was sorted into Frigg Hus. While at school her favourite subject by far was potions, which she excelled in. Though it remained a hobby for most of her life, Anđi had always hoped that she could persue something more creative with her life. It was for this reason she was a very active memberof the Durmstrang Music Club, where she honed her skill in writing and singing songs. 

Anđelka died of zahf'laenatan while on a world tour, having contracted it while giving her performance in Abydos, Egypt. She managed to make it to her husband's house, where he contacted the local healers to help her. He insisted on comforting her, despite the fact that would mean he'd catch it too. While the healers arrived in time for Anton, Anđelka didn’t make it to the hospital. 

The song "Purple Leaf Blue", released several months after her death, written and performed by fellow a Skogsrå Records signee and close friend Andrés Eiríkursson is, though never publicly stated to be, written in Anđelka's memory. It reached number one in the charts in many coubtries including the USA, UK, Sweden and her home country, Serbia. As the wife of a riddare charmör, Anton, Anđelka has a plaque in the Palats Över Isen in Sweden, also in her memory.

Anđelka is a member of the Živković family, the Pavlović fammily, and the Eriksson family (by marriage).


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