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Perran "Perry" Keneder Eriksson (né Penhallow)
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12th October 1976, Lavenham, Suffolk, England

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Greeny blue

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Raven (unregistered)


A raincloud, at first small, which slowly but steadily expands to fill the entire room he's in, eventually becoming a thick black, all-consuming fog.

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Dust in the Wind (Kansas)


Holly, 11", Phoenix feather, carved with Celtic knot pattern that matches his brothers, this wand is slightly more intricate than its lookalike, with each rope of the Celtic knot having tiny writing running through them.





  • Author on the topic of Charms
  • High-fantasy author's like I have a dark… cloud over me... sometimes it’s… uhm… it's so dark it blocks everything else… everything else out…
— 'Perran on depression.

Perran "Perry" Keneder Eriksson (né Penhallow), O.M. (Second Class), (born 12th October 1976) is an English half-blood wizard, born to Jowan and Igraine Penhallow (née MacAbhra) in the picturesque town of Lavenham in Suffolk. He is also the younger brother of Artie Penhallow. Perran's a spell inventor by trade, specialising in defensive as well ass imple practical charms. He's an avid user of wandless magic, having learnt it just out of shire curiosity. In later life he writes books, on both charms (usually pertaining to those he's created) as well as high fantasy novels. Focusing on the later, with spell creation being primarily a hobby.

Perran was raised primarily by his grandmother, Iona Penhallow, from the age of five after nearly all of their family was killed over the course of the First Wizarding War. First it had been Perran's grandfather, then his mother, soon after his uncle, and then finally (near the end of the war) his father; all were murdered over the course of the war. His brother had ended up being the eldest male family member at age eleven. These beginnings were only the start of the various tragedies that would prove to mar the young boy's life.

He attended Hogwarts between the years 1988 and 1995, like most of his family before him he was placed in Ravenclaw at his sorting. From early on in his schooling he showed tremendous promise in a range of subjects with charms being a particular strong point, however his grades didn't always match his teachers expectations in earlier years. Somewhat of a dreamer, he tended toward wandering off into specific portions of subjects he found interesting rather than necessarily what was going to be or were currently in the exams.

During his time at Hogwarts, Perran was relatively quiet. Considered fairly weird by most of his classmates, he had few friends for the first two years of his schooling, spending most of his time with his nose buried in a book (often with several others on the go). A contrast to his elder brother, who'd always been very popular. Perry never even tried out for the house team, despite being a fair chaser. He eventually accumulated several friends in his own house as well as others, usually through random chance because of his general social awkwardness. One of these friends was Lara Coburn, and by their fourth year their best friend status had developed into a romance. His other friends were CedricBuffyCastor and Pippin.

Tragically, in the summer of 1994, Perran's girlfriend, Lara was involved in a fatal traffic accident in the early hours of the 8th July, on her way back from attending a wedding. Lara suffered head trauma and died instantly, with Perran being informed some hours after in the morning. He had attended the wedding as Lara's plus one, having apparated home after they parted ways, while Lara set off home via car, meaning Perry had seen Lara only hours before news of her death reached him, which only added to the feeling of unreality when he was eventually informed by his grandmother.

Perran spent the whole triwizard year in a hazy state of loss and confusion surrounding his girlfriend's sudden death. It was still hard to believe, and it was made only stranger by her absence at school, they'd always been there together, and now he was there, but she wasn't. He still had most of his friends, and even the friend he'd expected not to see, Castor (who'd been in the year before him), he'd actually ended up seeing, something still seemed cold and desolate about Hogwarts for the first few months. Someone who helped him though this was Magnus Eriksson, a Durmstrang boy who befirended him while he was miking the star chart spell. Mags had the uncanny ability to cheer up Perry practically no matter what.

Tragedy would strike Perran again, however, toward the end of this year, when his friend Cedric (one of the Hogwarts champions) died at the hand of a follower of Voldemort. This meant not only had Perran lost someone important to him again, but the war that had taken so many of his loved ones in his early life had been re-started. Like most people, Perran was scared of the coming war, knowing that more people he loved would likely die, and afraid that he would lose the few family members he had left. He, unlike most, didn't resort to denial of what Harry was saying to feel safe, however. He knew what Harry was saying was true. 

Perran is a member of the Penhallow family, the MacAbhra family, and the Eriksson family.


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Perran "Perry" Keneder Eriksson (né Penhallow), O.M. (Second Class) (born 12th October 1976) is an English half-blood wizard, born to Jowan and Igraine Penhallow (née MacAbhra) in the picturesque town of Lavenham in Suffolk. He is also the younger brother of Artie Penhallow.

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